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1. The Dealer said no one could cut a key for my car but them. I have a 2004 Ford Focus that I lost the keys to. They even said I would have to get the vehicle towed to them if I lost my keys. Is that true?
No! We at Supreme Unlocks have been programming Ford keys since it’s introduction in 1996. There’s no need to have it towed. We cut and program keys on site.

2. You mention Premium Service on your site. Tell me exactly what it means?

Premium Service is simply providing to you what you should already have but don’t. That is the PIN number to your vehicle, Key Code, and Chip I.D. if applicable.

3. Can’t I get this info from the dealer?

No! They won’t give this info to you. Not even for your own vehicle. This puts you at a serious disadvantage if you ever lose your key and become stranded.

4. I don’t believe there’s any chip in my key to my 2001 Mustang. You’re just trying to rip me off. Can you prove there’s a chip in my Mustang key?

That’s a very good question. I’m glad you asked that. Yes, I can prove it. If you look at the top of your you’ll see a black plug. Don’t try to pull it out. That’s where the chip is located. I’m not finished yet. I know seeing is believing. Here’s an exact picture of your key


 5. I don’t like going to the Dealer. They’re just too slow. One time I had to wait almost 4 hours for my key, and that was after they ordered the key. Are you that slow?
Of course not! Why order what we have in stock. Also we come to you where ever you are. So that none of your time will be wasted.
6. I hear you talking Supreme, but I was told by another locksmith that my 2005 Nissan Altima had to be towed to the dealer after I lost my keys. You say that you can, and the other locksmith says that it can’t be done. I’m confused. Can you clear this up?
I sure can. Some locksmiths are light years behind when it comes to the latest technology. They haven’t taken the time to invest in the equipment or the education to carry them into the future, and to help their customers. So it’s easier for them to say that it can’t be done by anyone in an attempt to save face instead of them referring the customer to a qualified locksmith like Supreme Unlocks.
7. I have a 2000 Lexus GS300. I only have a valet key. My key won’t open the glove box or the trunk. Can you help me and how long will it take?
Yes, what you need is a Master Key. A master key will work every lock on your vehicle including the trunk and glove box. We can cut you a Master Key in less than 5 minutes. However, you shouldn’t be concerned about the speed since you already have a key. You should focus more on the accuracy of the job. 
8. I just locked my keys in my car it’s a 1997 BMW. Me and my friends tried using a hanger and a slim-jim. We still couldn’t get in. Why should I call Supreme Unlocks when I’m locked out of my car?
If you are like most people, you have a big investment in your automobile. In years gone by, almost anyone could open a locked car using only one tool. It only took a second or two. Today, however, auto makers have significantly tightened up the security of almost every car on the road. This means that a trained professional must have dozens of tools and techniques available in order to open your car with no damage. Supreme Unlocks, owns hundreds of dollars worth of tools and books on car opening. That is why we must charge a fair price to open your car. When you call a Supreme Unlocks, a trained professional responds to your call. He or she arrives in a service vehicle stocked with thousands of dollars worth of tools and machinery, ready for any emergency. Repairing the damage caused by an unprofessional car opening far outweighs the cost a proper opening would have cost in the first place. In many towns, the police no longer will respond to lockouts unless it is a dire emergency. The police departments of today are concerned with the financial responsibility that has come from accidentally damaging citizens’ vehicles.
When you call a tow truck driver, or allow any other unskilled person to attempt to unlock your car, you risk unnecessary damage to your vehicle. So next time you’re locked out, please call Supreme Unlocks for quick professional service.
·        Police Departments in most towns do not open cars after experience shows them that they may damage many new vehicles.
·        Supreme Unlocks is a professional who uses finesse, not force.
·        A botched car opening job can easily cause $150.00 worth of damage to your door panel.
·        Supreme Unlocks has been trained to use dozens of tools so that your vehicle can be opened properly.
9. Did I hear you mention education and training?

Yes, we at Supreme Unlocks attend locksmith related classes on a regular basis.

  10. Why so much education?
 So we can stay on the cutting edge of technology to better serve our customers.
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