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Transponder (Chip) Key Programming

Using the latest equipment available to the locksmith industry we can program a number of manufactures systems to accept either replacement or additional keys.
Vehicle Opening

Have you locked your keys in your vehicle? We open the hard cars. Even deadlocked BMW’s. All cars are opened using professional car opening  tools not hangers and slim-jims!

Lost Keys

We can make keys to your existing locks of your vehicle or motorcycle at your home, job or where ever you are.

Factory Remotes

Lost or damaged your remote. We sell original factory remotes.

Laser Keys

Traditionally these type of keys were found on your higher end cars such as Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes. However this type of key may eventually be the standard key with manufactures such as Honda, Toyota, VW, Audi, Kia, and Hyundai joining the list. Have no fear Supreme Unlocks can cut and program most of these keys.

Premium Service

Please inquire about Premium Service

Proof of ownership is required due to the security issues involved with gaining access to any vehicle or lost key requests.
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